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Islands of Green in Cities of Gray

This is high-intermediate content, appropriate for learners who are roughly around or above 3,000 words (moving into TOCFL Level 4 / HSK 6).

This week, hundreds of world leaders have gathered in Scotland for COP26 (you can read our piece on COP26 here). While they are discussing environmental problems at the global level, we shouldn't overlook what can be done locally, as well. And that's what this high-intermediate piece, which was contributed by Franscica LO, is about.

How can the concrete jungles that we have created remain livable for their original inhabitants? One option is to create "ecological islands" within our cities. These are green spaces that don't just beautify urban areas, but more importantly provide a home for plants and animals. And if you live in a city and your home has a balcony, then you've got enough space to create your own small ecological island!

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