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Will Meta Be...Betta?

This is high-intermediate content, appropriate for learners who are roughly around or above 3,000 words (moving into TOCFL Level 4 / HSK 6).

(If you just read that title and are cringing, I'm sorry - I'm cringing, too, and I wrote it!)

If, one week ago, you believed that Mark Zuckerberg had too much power and control over our lives, then this week, you will certainly be even more sure of that belief. Not because the Facebook founder wants his company to expand further into our social media world, but because he wants his company to expand further into our reality.

And he hopes our reality will become more virtual, with a whole "metaverse" full of new experiences. That's the inspiration behind Facebook's (the company, not the social media platform) selection of its new name: Meta Platforms Inc, or Meta for short. In this high-intermediate piece, which was written by our contributor, 司恩, you can read all about what Zuck has got in store for us...

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10月28日的時候,臉書的創辦人馬克·祖克柏(Mark Zuckerberg)宣布,整個公司的名字會改成「Meta」。這是因為他計畫要創造一個全新的網路世界:元宇宙




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10月28日的时候,脸书的创办人马克·祖克柏(Mark Zuckerberg)宣布,整个公司的名字会改成「Meta」。这是因为他计划要创造一个全新的网络世界:元宇宙




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Nov 09, 2021

All a bit scary…

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