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Indonesia's "Trash Library"

This is intermediate content, appropriate for learners who know about 2,500 words (TOCFL Level 3 / HSK 5).

A librarian in Indonesia has found a unique way to improve children's literacy while teaching them about environmental protection. The librarian, Raden Roro Hendarti, brings books to a nearby village each day, where children are waiting in line with bags of plastic recyclables and trash, which they can exchange for the books.

She says encouraging children to read is especially important during the pandemic, because children have been out of school and spending more time playing online games. You can read all about Hendarti's "trash library" in this intermediate level piece, which was written by 何姵萱.

Below is Traditional, followed by Simplified. Reading on Chrome? Download the handy popup dictionary extension.

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有什麼方法可以讓孩子了解環保的重要,又可以讓他們多讀書?在印尼,一個圖書館的員工Raden Roro Hendarti 想出了一個好辦法:用垃圾換書。

Hendarti 和他的「垃圾圖書館」出現的時候,孩子們可以拿一些垃圾來和Hendarti 換書。這個方法讓孩子們可以幫忙維持環境乾淨,也可以讓他們讀書、學習新的知識。讓孩子們有讀書的習慣,也減少他們玩手機的時間。


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有什么方法可以让孩子了解环保的重要,又可以让他们多读书?在印度尼西亚,一个图书馆的员工Raden Roro Hendarti 想出了一个好办法:用垃圾换书。

Hendarti 和他的「垃圾图书馆」出现的时候,孩子们可以拿一些垃圾来和Hendarti 换书。这个方法让孩子们可以帮忙维持环境干净,也可以让他们读书、学习新的知识。让孩子们有读书的习惯,也减少他们玩手机的时间。


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