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To Cook or Eat Out, That Is the Question

This is intermediate content, appropriate for learners who know about 2,500 words (TOCFL Level 3 / HSK 5).

In our modern, fast-paced world, who has time to cook? Particularly in a place like Taiwan, where so many delicious and convenient meals can be enjoyed on just about every street corner, going out to eat can seem like a no-brainer. And with all of the food delivery apps that have sprung up in recent years, you can now enjoy all that great food from the comfort of your own couch!

But there are downsides to going out to eat or ordering takeout too often, particularly related to our health. And that's what our contributor of this intermediate level piece, Lipahak, discusses below.

Below is Traditional, followed by Simplified. Reading on Chrome? Download the handy popup dictionary extension.

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經過一整天的辛苦工作,許多人回家以後,不想再自己煮晚餐;也有不少人,他們的家裡不方便煮東西吃。所以,他們會在餐廳或小吃店吃飯,或是買外帶的食物回家吃。也有人會回家之後叫外送,例如叫Ubereats或是Food Panda。



1. 選擇提供新鮮食物的店

2. 選擇天然的食物,避免吃太多的加工食物

3. 減少使用調味料

4. 多吃蔬菜和水果

5. 少吃炸的食物

6. 多喝水,少喝有糖的飲料


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经过一整天的辛苦工作,许多人回家以后,不想再自己煮晚餐;也有不少人,他们的家里不方便煮东西吃。所以,他们会在餐厅或小吃店吃饭,或是买外带的食物回家吃。也有人会回家之后叫外卖,例如叫Ubereats或是Food Panda。



1. 选择提供新鲜食物的店

2. 选择天然的食物,避免吃太多的加工食物

3. 减少使用调味料

4. 多吃蔬菜和水果

5. 少吃炸的食物

6. 多喝水,少喝有糖的饮料


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1 Comment

Nov 16, 2021

Be aware of the sodium content of processed foods as high sodium intake is linked to high blood pressure

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