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Take Me Home, Country Roads

This is high-intermediate content, appropriate for learners who are roughly around or above 3,000 words (moving into TOCFL Level 4 / HSK 6).

Southern Taiwan field and sky
Southern Taiwan | contributor's photo

This piece is not about John Denver (or West Virginia). It is, however, about a sense of longing for a place different from the one you are in.

When our contributor of this high-intermediate piece, Rudy, left Taiwan's countryside to come up to Taipei for university, he was thrilled to finally be in a big city. No more hour-long bus rides through fields and farmlands just to get to school; now, he would be surrounded by coffee shops, shopping malls, and the kind of culture that didn't exist in his hometown. But as daily life got more and more hectic, and as he became less and less enamored by all that a big city has to offer, he found himself missing that more carefree and relaxing life he had back home.

Below is Traditional, followed by Simplified. Reading on Chrome? Download the handy popup dictionary extension.

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