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Stepping Into the Working World

This is intermediate content, appropriate for learners who know about 2,500 words (TOCFL Level 3 / HSK 5).

Graduating from university and beginning work is a major moment in many people's lives. Years later, when we think back to that first job, we might be surprised by what we remember from it. Seemingly minor parts of the experience can end up leaving the deepest impressions on us, and that was the case for the writer of this intermediate level piece.

In it, she writes about the points card workers used in their company's cafeteria, and how in addition to delicious food, the convenience of the cafeteria meant there was time left for a quick nap during lunch. Beyond that, she shares how she felt, and what she did, once that first paycheck rolled in.

Below is Traditional, followed by Simplified. Reading on Chrome? Download the handy popup dictionary extension.

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Thanks for reading! Come find us on Instagram!

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Thanks for reading! Come find us on Instagram!

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