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Convenience on Every Corner

This is high-intermediate content, appropriate for learners who are roughly around or above 3,000 words (moving into TOCFL Level 4 / HSK 6).

If you have never experienced the wonders that are Taiwanese convenience stores, then you are missing out. First, these stores are everywhere. It is not unusual to stand in one store and see a couple others right out the window. And second, you can do practically anything in one of these stores. Whether it's paying bills, picking up a package, buying a meal, or just taking a break and having a cup of coffee, it can all be done within the comfortable confines of a 7-11 or Family Mart (okay, okay, Taiwan also has Hi-Lifes and OK Marts, but they are less common).

In this high-intermediate piece, our contributor, Joy Chang, introduces us to Taiwan's wonderful convenience store culture.

Below is Traditional, followed by Simplified. Reading on Chrome? Download the handy popup dictionary extension.

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Thanks for reading! Like this content? Subscribe to our newsletter!

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26 ene 2022

Very interesting! Sounds like these convenience stores are much better than ones in other countries!

Me gusta
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